Room For Joy | Kids Room | Aiyana's Room

15 year old Aiyana has struggled for years with what are often debilitating seizures. She has endured multiple surgeries and injuries as a result of her seizure disorder. Her Mom requested a special space for her that would be void of sharp corners, hard surfaces and obstacles that could cause injury. Using her Mom's idea of soft cushions and bright, rainbow like colors, our team worked to create a fun, medically appropriate space. The Aladdin-esk; room design has a Bohemian flair with floor cushions, hanging lights and Aladdin and Jasmine flying through the air on one wall! Aiyana's special hide out was her large walk in closet, which was designed to replicate the inside of Jeannie's bottle from "I Dream Of Jeannie". Remember that show? We hope Aiyana's room will provide and much needed sanctuary for her and some peace of mind to Mom.

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